BiOPelvic Neurodynamics Courses

CiONE Postural Rejuvenation’s methodology, being pioneered by Tim King and Maria Elliot in the field of complex pelvic pain, is about to be offered for the first time to the specialist pelvic pain clinicians through a 3 PART course called BiOPelvic Neurodynamics.’


Following on from the Pelvic Health International Summit in Birmingham last June, Tim and Maria have agreed to respond to all the requests for further information by launching this NEW ‘practical’ course to compliment the Visceral and the Mummy MOT programs. This course will train therapists in how to combine the BiOPelvic assessments with their own therapy/treatments.

It will allow the trainee to become a BiOPelvic Licensee on completing the 3-Part course, potentially boosting their private income considerably each month, while at the same time reducing and in many cases eradicating their patients’ pelvic pain issues.

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